Leadership Conversations


I invite you to join in the Leadership Conversations. There are a number of groups meeting to discuss important issues about leadership. It is a simple concept and easily organized. About a dozen individuals who want to talk about leadership and how that applies to them, form a group and set the dates (ten sessions). Once organized and scheduled, I meet with the group and lead them through the Leadership Conversations. Ideas and concepts of leadership are broadly applicable to many situations. But since leadership is practiced in context, the discussions of each group vary somewhat depending on the work environment of those who are in the group.

The idea started when I suggested that a few interested individuals might join me for a lunchtime conversation. It grew from there. Over the last few years we have held over 850 small group conversations. Each Leadership Conversation is divided into ten one-hour sessions and is organized around readings from an assigned leadership book. There are now twelve series of Leadership Conversations.

A good place to start is with the series entitled, Leadership Conversation 01: You make a difference: The truth about leadership. Series 02, 03, and 04 build on this first series. Beyond these foundational Conversations, the order in which the other Conversations take place is not particularly significant.

There are a number of benefits from joining a conversation about leadership. In a changing workplace and with opportunities to take on increasingly challenging leadership responsibilities, it is important to develop a deeper understanding of your leadership role in making the workplace happy and productive. During the course of the Conversations, you are introduced to and develop a vocabulary for leadership, which is helpful in formulating and articulating your ideas. And, by joining others in a small group, you have a safe and supportive environment in which to express your developing ideas and learn from your conversation partners.

Series for 2015

Interested?  If you would like me to facilitate a series of leadership conversations for your group,
please contact me at david@dspenner.com

More details?  For more information on each series, follow the links in the menu above or on the right.

Rethinking leadership 1: The beginning conversation
Leadership Conversations 01: You make a difference: The truth about leadership

Leadership matters: A trio of leadership development conversations
Leadership Conversations 02: You matter: Developing yourself as a leader
Leadership Conversations 03: Relationships matter: Developing people and teams
Leadership Conversations 04: The future matters: Leading culture and change

Rethinking leadership 2: A conversation at the next level
Leadership Conversations 05: The making of a leader: Insights and transformations

Leadership relationships: Helping people do the best work of their lives
Leadership Conversations 06: The importance of inner work life and progress
Leadership Conversations 07: Building relationships across all generations in the workplace
Leadership Conversations 08: Creating a great place to work (what employees say)
Leadership Conversations 09: Maximizing intelligence and performance at work
Leadership Conversations 10: Making better decisions

Rethinking leadership 3: Broadening your thinking and developing you skills
Leadership Conversations 11: Leadership, followership and collaboration
Leadership Conversations 12: Building your own leadership tool kit


David S Penner, PhD.

DSP 2015